The Cell Disintegrators produced by Innomed-Konsult AB are based on intensive agitation with glass beads in cell suspension for preparation of intracellular substances and cell components where the cell walls and membranes have to be broken down for release of the desired components.


Intact cells of Scenedesmus.

Disintegrated cells of Scenedesmus.

The laboratory model SCP-100-MRE (Disintegrator S) has a disintegration chamber with magnetically coupled agitator of glass which allows work under sterile conditions and where containment is required when working with organisms which are genetically modified or organisms requiring protection levels.

The disintegrators consist of two separate units, the disintegrator unit, made of acid-resistant steel and glass, and a motor unit with a regulator. The disintegrator unit is completely closed and can be autoclaved.

The disintegrator is very efficient and can disintegrate all kinds of cells as well as bacteria, yeasts and micro-algae with strong cell walls.

The disintegrator is efficiently cooled and can also be evacuated and filled with inert gas if oxygen sensitive substances are to be isolated.

The laboratory model can handle from 15 to 80 ml of cell suspension batch-wise of various concentrations.

For larger volumes the model C (Disintegrator C) is recommended with a continuous flow rate of cell suspension up to 2.5 l per hour with the same motor unit and regulator as for the laboratory model.

Innomed-Konsult AB has been a producer of cell disintegrators for more than 20 years with equipment working in many laboratories in companies and universities in a number of countries.

Innomed-Konsult AB is represented in Germany by Bernd Euler Biotechnologie Mikrobiologie-Geräte und Verbrauchsmaterialien