Innomed-Konsult AB is a consulting company specialized in biotechnology and biomedicine since 1978. Some main areas in the company are fermentation technology and development of process technology for production of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics as well as design of facilities for production of pharmaceuticals and investigational medicinal products in particular of biological origin.

Innomed-Konsult AB has also constructed and manufactured equipment for use in biotechnological processes among them (cell disintegrators) now marketed by Bernd Euler Biotechnologie Mikrobiologie Germany,

The company has designed and participated in design and construction of facilities with laboratories for production of gene vectors for use in clinical trials with gene therapy, cell therapy, nuclear therapy, and immunotherapy as well as plants for production of chemical substances for use as pharmaceuticals. The facilities have been designed for work according to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) but in some cases also to meet the requirements for working with risk-classified biological materials and genetically modified organisms.

Facilities where Innomed-Konsult AB has designed or participated in the design are Vecura at Novum, Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge for production of plasmids and viral gene vectors as well as for preparation of human cells for use in clinical trials with cell therapy, and the former GIN laboratories at the Rudbeck laboratories for Biomedical Sciences at Uppsala University for production of gene vectors, immunologically active substances and conjugated nuclides for diagnostic and therapeutical use.

Innomed-Konsult AB has also designed the GMP unit at Cancer Centre Karolinska (CCK) at the Karolinska University hospital in Solna for preparation of specific human cell fractions for use in clinical trials with cancer patients.

Innomed has also made an investigation on behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Health of the Turkish Medicinal Products Agency and is now participating in a project for construction of a new facility with special laboratories covering also biosafety laboratories on P3 and P4 levels.

Innomed-Konsult AB is arranging tailor-made education in GMP and the company has provided a specialist as Qualified Person for GMP production at the company Oasmia Pharmaceuticals AB and the former GIN laboratories. At present a company specialist is active as a Qualified Person (QP) at Vecura and at CCK.

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